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Crawl Space Encapsulation

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CleanSpace Crawl Space Liner

CleanSpace Crawl Space Liner The key to the CleanSpace system is the patented, 20-mil thick liner material. It is a tough blend of seven polyethylene and polyester cord reinforcement layers, designed specially for crawl spaces. Since the side you see after installation is bright white, it really brightens a crawl space and lets you know that it is free of mold, insects and dirt. Plus, the CleanSpace liner is manufactured with an antimicrobial additive called Ultra Fresh – molded right into the material. The liner is so tough you can crawl on it and use your crawl space for storage without worry of putting holes or tears in it. And, of course, it completely stops moisture from getting in and ruining the underside of your house.

The CleanSpaceâ„¢ Liner is tough enough for you to crawl on it and use your crawl space for storage. Servicemen can crawl on it without worry of putting holes or tears in the liner. The liner completely stops moisture penetration. The CleanSpaceTM liner is used to isolate the home from the earth completely and permanently.

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