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We are the first company to offer CleanSpace products and services in Northern CA.

Bay Area Moisture Control, Inc. was founded to provide a simple solution to old problems.

  • “How do you keep the moisture in your crawl space form entering your living space?”
  • “How do you keep mold and structural decay from destroying your house?”
  • “How can you improve your indoor air quality?”
  • “How can you get rid of musty odors?”

Moisture Control is the Answer!

We serve the greater San Francisco Bay Area including:
• North Bay   • East Bay    • South Bay
Our extensive networking systems ensures quality service, behind the warranty.

Our office is located in Bel Marin Keys Industrial Park in Beautiful Marin County.

Adam Bohlke, president of Bay Area Moisture Control, Inc., has built his career with over 30 years of experience on remediating and preventing the damage moisture can cause. Thousands of dollars in repairs, decreased property value, not to mention mold and related health problems, moisture can wreak havoc on a beautiful home.

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