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Lifetime Warranty | Sump Pumps & Sump Pump System Installation

Lifetime Warranty

Zoeller brand sump pumps are the finest pumps available. They have a one year manufacturer’s warranty. If they fail, the manufacturer will repair or replace the pumps at no charge. Note: if the sump pumps are properly maintained they will last for years. Bay Area Moisture Control, Inc. will honor at no additional charge and additional one year warranty on your sump pumps as long as the pumps are installed in one of the Bay Area Moisture Control containers.

Pump manufacturers do not offer lifetime warranties. There are contractors who put “Lifetime Warranty!” or “Free Pump replacements forever!” on all their advertising. Thinking down the line reveals a problem with this: the only way you’ll know to call them for a replacement is after the pump has failed and your crawl space is full of water.

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