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Sump Pump Installation

The Sump Liner

If a sump pump is in a dirt-lined hole it will quickly clog and cease protecting your crawl space. The remedy for this is a sump liner, but only one that is the right size for the pump. A liner that is too small, for example, could cause a pump to “short cycle,” or turn on and off quickly because there is too little water for it to pump. A well-built liner that is the right size for the pump is the best solution.

Pump Stand

Pump Stand

A well designed pump stand will keep the pump elevated and away from silt or debris that does get into the sump liner. This not only prevents clogging or damage to the pump, but also helps keep the check valve clear so pumping capacity won’t be reduced over time by buildup in the discharge pipe.

Air-Tight Sump Lid with Floor Drain

Air Tight Sump Lid with Floor Drain

Since one of the main purposes of encapsulating your crawl space is to isolate it from the moisture below, an open sump basin would be counterproductive. Without this lid, not only would there be a hole in your system but any water that did get into the sump would evaporate up into your home. An air-tight lid not only solves this problem, but it stops things from falling into and clogging the pump while making the whole installation look clean and professional.

Sometimes, though, water from below your home isn’t the worry. Without any way to get water out of your newly encapsulated crawl space, a plumbing leak could fill it like a swimming pool! The solution to this is a one way, air-tight valve in the sump lid so that any water that gets down there can drain away.

Battery Powered Alarm

Pump Alarm

Another necessity is a battery powered alarm that warns you if you have a inside leak. Because most crawl spaces are visited infrequently, it is possible to have a plumbing leak for years and not know it. The SmartSump comes standard with our WaterWatch Alarm that will warn you if there is a problem.

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