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My Sump Pump Alarm is Sounding, What Should I Do?

Your pump alarm will sound when the water in your sump container rises to 6” below the lid. This usually means your pump is not working because a) it is not receiving any or enough power or b) your pump is old, has worn out, and needs to be replaced.

Your pump alarm goes off when it senses water which can also be, more rarely, that you have some sort of plumbing leak which has triggered the alarm from above.

Another scenario could be that an extreme weather event has increased the amount of water so drastically that your pump is having trouble keeping up. As the rain subsides the water in your container will recede.

Check the power source! 90% of calls we receive in regards to pumps not working or pump alarms sounding are caused by a lack of power to the pump. Read below to troubleshoot..

**Make sure pump is plugged directly into an outlet without using an extension cord. **Check outlet to ensure it has power (try unplugging pump and plugging in another small appliance).

  • If outlet does not have power, re-set the breaker.
  • If outlet still does not have power for pump or other small appliances, call an electrician! You may plug your pump in using an extension cord temporarily, until you are able to have the pump’s dedicated outlet repaired.
  • If the breaker disengages repeatedly only when the pump is plugged in but not for other appliances, your pump may be jammed or be in failure. Call Bay Area Moisture Control!

Also check your discharge line and/ or pop up drain to make sure it is not being obstructed or covered with debris.

In any case please keep in mind that your alarm will sound whenever it senses water. If the alarm sensor was under water or became really wet it could take 24-72 hours after your problem has been resolved before completely drying out. If alarm continues to have a problem after 72 hours your alarm may need to be dryed out, repaired, or replaced by the experts. In this rare situation call Bay Area Moisture Control!

In the meantime, you can turn the alarm sound off until you are able to have the problem fixed. Find your white, rectangular shaped alarm box which is usually located near the access to your crawl space and is where the noise is originating from. Turn the toggle switch on your alarm box to the “off” position. Don’t forget to move it back to the “on” position once the problem is fixed.

NOTE: If Bay Area Moisture Control performs a site visit for any reason other than pump failure under warranty there will be a charge.

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