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Crawl Space Encapsulation

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Crawl Space Encapsulation Installation

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Liner Instal The CleanSpace® Crawl Space Encapsulation System® completely isolates your home from the earth. This dramatically reduces the humidity level in the air which, when combined with sealing outside air and dehumidification, will eliminate mold growth and rot from your crawl space and make the whole house healthier.

Our trained installers will remove wood and organic materials from your crawl space floor. Rocks and uneven surfaces are leveled, depending on the crawl space conditions. The CleanSpace® liner is carefully cut and installed. The workers will usually be working in their socks, once the floor piece is laid out to keep the liner clean. That’s how clean your crawl space will be!

Small holes are drilled into the top of your crawl space walls, and nylon fasteners are installed to permanently secure the CleanSpace® liner to the walls.

The top edge of the CleanSpace® liner is sealed to the walls with polyurethane sealant. All seams are sealed with special 4” wide sealing tape and/or sealant made for the CleanSpace® liner. The result is an attractive, bright, tough, impervious liner – and a healthy home above it!

Crawl Space Encapsulation Video

See the Crawl Space Encapsulation video process on YouTube.

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