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  • Jenny X. Foster City, CA

    7/20/2016 We just had our crawl space work done by Javier and the other two crew today. These guys, especially the crew leader, Javier is very nice and efficient. They not only finished the work beautifully ( now the crawl space is vey clean and like a cozy room underneath the house), but also more importantly they found a major leak under the kitchen and fixed it for us. We are so grateful to choose the right company to do the job. Here I also like to mention Bill Glueck, the projector evaluator, he came to our house twice. The first time he came down to our crawl space, spent time surveying the situation and in two days he sent us the proposal. Then we asked whether he can come again to give us more details on the project. So glad they quickly made us another appointment (in two days). Bill came in time, he listened to our questions and gave us very detailed answer, we were so impressed with his attitude and decided to go ahead with the project right away. I hope this review is helpful to those who would like to keep their crawl space away from moisture.

  • Lauren M. Moraga, CA

    3/16/2016 Bill Glueck (Project Evaluator) literally is pulling away from my house as I write this review. Wanted to do it asap because I always say “I need to write a yelp” and never do. Bill was exceptional. He spent over an hour in our crawl space and the perimeter surveying the situation. (We had some pooling of water below our dining area) He described what most likely was the issue and suggested ways we could fix the problem ourselves. Because of his friendly attitude and honest opinion I will refer anyone and everyone to these guys. We of course would love to encapsulate our crawl space & see the obvious benefits but can’t put down that kind of $$ now if it’s not a true emergent situation. But when we do, we will 100% call Bill.

  • Laura S. Belmont , CA

    1/5/2016 Updating my review now that we’ve had lots of rain and actually used the sump pump. Everything works wonderfully, but when they designed the system for me, I specifically asked for the sump pump to not be under my bedroom, because I had heard from friends that that would be kind of loud. The BAMC guy who designed it told me that we had to have the pump under the bedroom because that was the lowest point of the crawlspace, but he assured me that it was whisper-quiet and I would never notice it. Well, it is definitely not whisper quiet! It runs once about every 5-15 minutes if it’s really pouring out, and it is definitely loud enough to wake me up, and keep me from falling back asleep. It actually IS barely audible in every other room in the house… so I wish I had pushed harder to ask about options for regrading under the house to get the sump pump put somewhere else. Just be careful when you do the system design! But still giving 4 stars since the system works perfectly and the crawlspace is nice and clean and dry.

  • Brian E. Santa Rosa, CA

    12/15/2014 These guys are AMAZING! They phoned a week before the job had originally been scheduled to say that because of the recent rains they needed to delay starting the job for a week. No problem. No problem, that is, except that exactly a week later, the day they started, was the biggest rain the Bay Area had received in six years: six inches in one day, the day they started working. They first had to drain eight inches of water out and then trench the inner perimeter to route water to the sump pump. The next day they called in a second crew in order to be able to complete laying down the moisture barrier. The end product was PERFECT. Every seam sealed, the sump pump madly pumping out water. I recommend them to everyone who has ever been born!

  • Max N. Petaluma, CA

    8/14/2014 Called BAMC for evaluation on my parents crawl space. We had a very small budget. And wanted to get a vapor barrier installed in the crawlspace. We weren’t sure if we needed a sump pump or a French drain. We ended up getting a sump pump. The crew was so polite and explained to my parents everything they were doing. Crawl space looks great. Doesn’t have musty smell anymore and my parents are ready for this winter. Thanks BAMC for taking care of my parents.

  • Kimberly M. Novato, CA

    8/13/2014 Updated review Professional service at Affordable Prices. Had a great experience from the first Visit to the Installation and a Follow-up. Glad I chose the First Company in the Bay Area to offer this service. Bay Area Moisture Control is the Definite Company to go with. Experience and Quality go a long way. Highly recommend Bay Area Moisture Control company.

  • Debbie S. Milpitas, CA

    07/29/2014 Living in Milpitas and reading the Yelp reviews, my husband decided to contact Bay Area Moisture Control to inspect the standing water under our house, which we thought was from a natural spring seeping up from the ground. The BAMC crew arrived promptly and after crawling under our house, they concluded that it was a water leak coming from the kitchen and we needed a plumber. We did not need a sump pump in our crawl space after all. There is no longer any water under our house. BAMC refunded us 50% of our deposit. I would give this company a 10 star for their professionalism, honesty and fairness.

  • Art L. Oakland, CA

    7/19/2014 BAMC crew installed a sump pump in our crawl space today. This followed an assessment several months ago by a very thorough, informative inspector who agreed with an earlier home purchase inspection showing evidence of prior standing water. The crew was top notch in every way: excellent communication from the start, efficient, and competent. As they worked, they discovered problems with perimeter drainage of the house which allowed rain water access to entry into the crawl space at several points. They were able to completely block one of these and gave me direction as to repair of the others. They were quiet, kept things clean, made everything look neat and professional, even rescued and replanted a small shrub that had to be temporarily uprooted for an outside trench. Earlier I had excellent interactions with a manager, Bill, and with the main office contact, Chris, via phone and email.

    BAMC has clearly created an atmosphere that prioritizes outstanding customer service. Highly recommend this company and its staff.

  • Bob N. Healdsburg, CA

    6/21/2014 This is my second project completed by Bay Area Moisture Control and I could not be more pleased. First time out I had the moisture barrier put in under my studio building and thought I should have them put in a sump pump. They dug the hole, put in the bucket and did the complete job; but the owner wanted me to wait on the pump to see if I really need to put out the expense. He put in an alarm free of charge. When it went off I called and he was here that afternoon installing the pump. I really appreciated not being pushed into buying a pump until it was needed. I had them come back to now do the house. Beautiful job, the crew was so polite and respectful. They had to go through two crawl space opening in the middle of the house and they took ever precaution to insure everything what protected. I would recommend this company without reservation.

  • Abdul Majid Q. Menlo Park, CA

    5/25/2014 This is the third time I have had Bay Area Moisture Control at our house, each time for a new project. If you need a sump pump for drainage, install moisture barrier in the crawl-in space, go no further, call Bay Area Moisture Control. They have a wonderful crew. The foreman, Javier, George and Anthony came this month and installed the moisture barrier. Each member of the crew is courteous and their quality of work is superb. Kept the place neat and clean at the end of each day. I recommend them highly.

  • Sara Y. Mill Valley, CA

    5/5/2014 I called Bay Area moisture Control in Novato today. I asked them if they could come over, inspect, and estimate how much would it cost me to place French drain in the yard that I suspected there may be a moisture. This company is amazing Chris is the receptionist she was courteous when I talked to her on the phone. Bill Glueck came up to the house to inspect and he was very honest in telling me there is no need for French drain in my case and he did not think it was indicated. He was approachable, nice, and respectful. If I have any drain needs to be done down the road, this company is the one I would definitely choose because honesty is the key to establish trust. People out there if you have moisture issue, I highly recommended this company. Thank you Bill!

  • Bill B. Oakland, CA

    2/10/2014 We’ve had flooding in our basement the past 5 years and used 5 different vendors over that period of time. We finally got our problem solved with Bay Area Moisture control. They are the best at what they do in terms of solving problems. Our water intrusion issues are now settled thanks to them. Additionally they stand by their work and are HIGHLY professional. Adam the owner is hands on and unbelievably responsive to questions and concerns before, during and after the job has been done.

  • Penny A. Oakland, CA

    4/3/2014 I get a little moisture in my basement crawlspace when it rains. I wanted to get someone to look at it and provide us feedback on best solutions. I called BAMC and Adam the owner came out a day or so later. He was very informative, told us all our options, but mostly, shared his knowledge, and didn’t try to hard sell us his services. He was very honest and gave recommendations, which in our particular case, didn’t require using the services he provided. He even cleaned my gutter on the way out when the rain was pouring over onto the porch. This guy is one of the rare contractors these days who really does have integrity and although I didn’t need to use BAMC, I would highly recommend anyone who has any related water issues or whatever to give him a call and he will come out and take a look at what’s going on, and not try to sell you his product unless you can really benefit from it.

  • Scj J. San Francisco Bay Area, CA

    11/7/2013 We knew we had a moisture problem under our house ( Muddy crawl space damp smell evidence of mould), but did not realize how severe until we asked Adam from the company to do an inspection. It was obvious that the space was flooding periodically. We were about to install new wooden floors and did not want them to buckle and warp. The company jiggled there schedule to fit us in very quickly and work began. They drove from Novato every day. The guys that came out were professional, polite and worked very hard. Crawling around in 2 foot of space, digging sump pumps and laying down huge areas of membrane in the dark and filth takes a certain kind of worker. Billing was clear, the contract was concise and followed the rules associated with general contractors. Felicia in the office was very helpful. Our 2000 ft crawl space is clean, brighter and smells a lot better. Lets hope that pump does its thing when the wet weather finally arrives! Thank you we totally recommend this company.

  • Maryam M. Berkeley, CA

    9/17/2013 When we bought our house, the first thing we wanted to do was replace the awful flooring with nicer wood flooring. We chose our contractor, who said he needed us to seal the crawlspace and put in a sump pump, or else our new flooring would suffer a similar fate as the old stuff – buckling and moisture damage. I’m not sure how we found Bay Area Moisture Control, but we’re glad we did. They were reliable and efficient throughout the entire process. They were on time for their estimate, provided us with their bid the same day, scheduled work for the next week. Installing a moisture barrier under 1000 s.f. took a little over a day, and they also left space for a sump pump if we were to end up needing it. When it started raining and the moisture alarm went off, they were able to come by and install the sump pump within a day. All the work came in exactly at or under the estimate price, which we really appreciated. And we were able to start installing flooring much sooner than we accounted for, given how efficiently BAMC completing the work. Nearly two years later, we have an awesome sump pump (which hums reassuringly when it’s been raining for a while) and beautiful, smooth, undamaged wood floors. We couldn’t ask for anything more.

  • Jon C. San Francisco, CA

    5/9/2013 I just had an awesome experience with Bay Area Moisture Control. An initial visit established that this was going to be a big, complex job (multiple existing sump pumps and drainage lines, all installed incorrectly … moisture barrier needed in all three of my crawlspaces), so Adam, the owner, came to check the details. He spent a couple of hours with me, in which time I learnt a lot about my house (that I had not learnt from numerous previous inspections, for which I had paid!) Once the plan was in place, the crew that came and executed it were great. Hard working, courteous, thoughtful. They found and fixed additional things as they went along, cleaned up well each day and kept me informed. They cut and re-poured concrete in a way that was better than what they were replacing. A real class act. I will have them back for any future drainage and moisture needs.

  • Claire J. Mill Valley, CA

    2/6/2013 After years of trying to solve our water/moisture issues in the ground level apartments in our old, but charming apartment building, I called BAMC and spoke with Gean who was great. She listened, and set me up with the first appointment available. Adam came and evaluated the problem. He was so professional and reassuring. He took the time to explain what needed to be done to permanently resolve these problems. The bid promptly came through the next day and was more reasonable than I thought it might be. Because of the urgency of my tenant being completely displaced from her home, BAMC switched around their schedule to fit this job in. I was beyond appreciative. The crew did an outstanding job with the installation of the drainage system and sump pump. They were so professional, friendly and did beautiful, clean work. A true pleasure to deal with. I am so thankful to Adam, and the crew at Bay Area Moisture Control. No more sleepless nights and worry…..I can finally enjoy the rain again!!!

  • Doug B. Redwood City, CA

    2/1/2013 I have been dealing with crawlspace water intrusion during heavy rains, the with the storms that came through in Nov/Dec experienced significant flooding so I decided it was time to do something about it. After researching online and deciding this was not a project I wanted to take on myself I called in two companies to bid, one of which was Bay Area Moisture Control. I am confident both companies would have done a quality job, but my initial impression with BAMC was better overall. Adam came out for an evaluation and was very straightforward about the solution and did not try to give me a sales pitch like the other company did. The pricing from BAMC was also more competitive for the same work and materials. Gean in the office was very pleasant to deal with, and when I called to schedule the work told me there was just a cancellation and they could come out to start work the next day. Armando and his crew showed up in the morning and got right to work. Throughout the day he would report on the progress and even showed digital pictures of the work.

  • Dave C. Woodside, CA

    12/5/2012 Updated review Just wanted to give an update after the huge storm last weekend. I was monitoring the crawlspace for water and was happy to see that it was completely dry. I could see and hear the sumps working as they drain in to an existing sump outside the crawlspace. On Sunday I checked in the morning after the hardest rain and noticed about 3-4″ of standing water under the house near the crawlspace entrance. I emailed Gean to let her know and received a phone call first thing Monday morning. Gean sent the crew out to see what the problem was the same day. Turns out my existing system which takes all the water from under the house, down spouts and floor drains and pumps it out to the street was not big enough to handle all the water and overflowed into the crawlspace. The crew cleaned up the mess and installed a larger pump in my existing pit to remedy the problem. Once again, great service and quick response. The system worked perfect and they were able to fix an existing problem of mine on the spot for a reasonable price. Thanks again for all the great work!

  • Dave C. Woodside, CA

    11/6/2012 Previous review Bill came out and gave a very detailed description of what was needed. I received the quote in a timely manner. Pricing was reasonable considering what they were providing. There service is excellent both in the field and office. The job was performed on schedule and on budget. I found out after we used them that some friends of ours used them a year or so ago and had the same experience. I would recommend them 100%.

  • Mark P. Woodacre, CA

    8/4/2011 Excellence in service both on the technical and the personal ends. The price quoted was fair for the work expected. The two service guys were excellent and did a perfect job. Because they did it in far less time than was expected, the charge was reduced by two thirds! You can’t easily find integrity like that in any business! Highly recommended and with no reservations.

  • Deb B. Fort Collins, CO

    8/3/2011 Updated review since writing the review, I’ve noticed two additional benefits: my hardwood floors were cupping (boards warping) before the installation. They’ve now returned to normal, which saved the cost of sanding and refinishing. Additionally, I’ve discovered that sealing off the dirt also sealed OUT the ants. Haven’t seen one in the house since! Thanks again to the folks at Bay Area Moisture Control!

  • Larissa W. Corte Madera, CA

    7/24/2011 I had a moisture barrier put in by another company and it was not done properly. Adam from Bay Area Moisture Control came out, looked at it, and got it done right. The before and after pictures are amazing. Sometimes you get what you pay for, and if you are trying to protect your house from moisture and mold I would recommend Bay Area Moisture Control without reservation. They were professional and thorough, and they did an amazing job under my house. The crew was hard working, efficient and friendly and I could not be more pleased with the job that they did. This is a top notch business. Five stars no doubt. If you want any more information please feel free to contact me at markustw@yahoo.com.

  • Ryan K. Petaluma, CA

    06/17/2011 Just wanted to write a quick review about Bay Area Moisture Control and the staff there. I have met the owner Adam and his office manager Gean a few times now and they runs a great business in Marin County. I referred him to a friend of mine in Sonoma County and he gave my friend an estimate just a few weeks ago and I finally asked him how it went. He doesn’t Yelp much no matter how much so I thought Adam and Gean deserved a good review. He said that Adam and his crew were “great.” He also called them “very thorough,” “very professional” and even “friendly.” He said that Adam spent a great deal of time educating him about the problem and what it would take to not just repair it, but prevent it from happening in the future. Way to go Bay Area Moisture Control. Keep up the good service.

  • K S. Santa Rosa, CA

    04/28/2011 Spectacular! I am usually skeptical and disappointed with the promises of construction / craftsmen. I do a LOT of work on my own home and am driven mad when I feel as though the professional quality is less than my amateur ability. This was not the case with BAMC!! John was easy to work with for the estimate process, Gean at the home office was efficient, and Armando led the installation project in my home. They delivered a quality product as promised, cleanly (used drop cloths through my home as not to disturb the floors) and finished on time. I have been under my house since to inspect the quality of their work and it is top notch. I had installed my own sump pump (yes, myself) and this system is much quieter, cleaner, and efficient. I can’t thank them enough!

  • Mike H. San Rafael, CA

    07/18/2010 Adam and his team are very professional. They quickly assessed the water problems we had in our basement and the crew worked efficiently to drill up part of our subfloor, core-drill a foundation wall and install a WaterGuard system. They were friendly and cleaned up well afterwards. All in all a very good experience.

  • Sam M. Pleasanton, CA

    10/6/2010 I hired Bay Area Moisture Control to deal with a problem of some dampness in my crawl space, and they put in a thick plastic vapor barrier (20 mils thick) and also installed a sump pump. They did a great job for me. After the installation I entered the crawl space to patch up any gaps or problems in the vapor barrier that they might have missed, but I didn’t find any gaps at all or anything else that required even minor patching. They did a good, professional job. The job wasn’t cheap (almost $6000 in my case for the vapor barrier and the sump pump), but I feel I got my money’s worth due to the quality of their work and the elimination of the moisture and musty odors in my house.

  • Sean S. San Jose, CA

    5/4/2010 We have some mold issues in our house so I called to setup an appt. My wife and I both work so I asked if they had anything after 4:30. They claim to serve the San Jose area, but when I called to setup an estimate they said they only send techs from the Novato office and they couldn’t come that late. I decided to take off work for a couple hours in the morning and scheduled a morning appt. I got a call that morning from the dispatcher saying their guy couldn’t possibly make it to San Jose by the appt time. I’m thinking, why did you schedule the guy so early in the first place? Long story short, it’s just going to be too difficult to find a time that works. I’m sure if you live in the North Bay they’re great, but not so much in the South Bay.

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