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Angie’s List Reviews


RatingMember: B. K.

Work Completed Date: August 01, 2013
Last Modified Date: February 06, 2015

Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $9,272.00
Home Build Year: 1977

Description Of Work:
Encapsulation of crawl space. Cleaned installed drainage and sump pump. Installation of moisture barrier.

Member Comments:
Excellent. Hard working crew that did an excellent job. Crawl space clean, odor free, less moisture in home.
By having this done we later discovered we had a plumbing and ac leak in the crawl space. With the recent rains in Dec/2014 we were so happy to have a sump pump to handle the heavy rains and know our crawl space was not flooded.

RatingMember: Lisa S
Novato, CA

Work Completed Date: October 2015

Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: N/A
Home Build Year: 1970

Description Of Work:
Mold testing and remediation.

Member Comments:
Great Work!

RatingMember: F A
San Jose, CA 95120

Services Performed: Yes
Work Completed Date: March 18, 2014

Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $9,000.00

Description Of Work:

 1- They clean the crawlspace.
 2- They made a long channel on Crawlspace.
 3- They installed 2 sump-pumps with their basin.
 4- They installed d 3 layers of protection that sealed the ground completely.

RatingMember: D. T.
Cupertino, CA 95014

Work Completed Date: March 18, 2014

Hire Again: Yes

Description Of Work:
Adam Bohlke, the president, came out to look at the problem and give us an estimate. After about 20 minutes, he determined that our problem was not water intrusion from under the slab but probably a leak on the outside. Now, he could have just left but he spend another 45 minutes trying to diagnose the problem and gave us a possible cause and a way to test to see if he was right. Since he has been a building contractor, he had an understanding of the way our house was built so he was able to give us suggestions even thought it wouldn’t generate work for him. He was not rushed and gave us a lot of information.

RatingMember: S. D.

Work Completed Date: November 25, 2013

Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $3,700.00

Description Of Work:
* Dug trench along entire interior perimeter of foundation in crawlspace.
* Laid drainage rock & filter cloth, placed perforated pipe, and back-filled with drainage rock.
* Dug and placed sumps at two lowest corners of crawlspace.
* Installed sump pump and outflow piping from one sump.
* Installed two sump alarms.

Member Comments:
We had some moisture and standing water in our crawlspace after some heavy rain storms last Winter. Adam came over to perform an inspection and to quote for adding drainage and a sump pump, as well as for crawlspace encapsulation. I found him to be down-to-earth and collaborative in exploring options to resolve our issues. Later, I had a similar visit from a competing company and found their rep to be somewhat pushy — he started outlining the solution before actually inspecting the crawlspace and surroundings of our home. We had a busy Spring and Summer, so I did not have a chance to get this job done. In August, I contacted Adam again to check on some technical questions and to confirm that he would still honor the original quote. He came around to the house again to take a look at the site and confirmed that he could do it for the original price. I had been concerned about whether they could dig the entire perimeter, since we are on very rocky ground. The second company had backed off when they saw the rocks and ended up quoting very tentatively for just a small part of the work that I wanted done.
So, we decided to go ahead. Adam was fully booked for the next 3 months, so the earliest we could start was Thanksgiving week. Finally, the date came around — Alex was our crew captain. They arrived on time on the first day and got to work. They managed to complete all of the work within two days, despite running into some boulders and other obstacles, and were cheerful and professional all the way through. We won’t know how successful this drainage solution is until we get a heavy downpour, but fingers crossed that the problem is solved. I’ll upload an update once we know how effective the work has been. Definitely a good experience, so far, though. If this Winter goes well, we may consider doing the crawlspace lining and encapsulation with this company next Summer.

RatingMEMBER: E. J.
NEWARK, CA 94301

Work Completed Date: November 17, 2014

Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $10,000.00
Home Build Year: 1928

Description Of Work:
Installed a moisture barrier between the house and the soil under the house.

Member Comments: 25 years at this house and in wet winters we would have a damp smell coming up from the crawlspace. Rats were out of control too. We had sump pumps all around the house. Always cleaning or replacing or re-setting GFI outlets. I did it all myself. Finally I called his company to replace some sump pumps. Estimator came out and said they don’t do that. They encapsulate the crawlspace. I said what about the pumps? He said it won’t matter any more. I went for it.
They just left and couldn’t wait to get underneath and look. I am very pleased with the workmanship. If you look at the photos (hey angie can I post photos?), they fastened this 20mil reinforced plastic sheeting to the sides of the foundation using rivets. Not a bit of dirt or debris to be seen. The crew was very professional. Very polite, lots of drop clothes to protect the floors. Their workmanship was very good. If they were my crew, I would be very pleased. Just a word of caution – not a deal breaker but…the first day required a lot of dirt work. Invariably the house became dusty. I would have put painters tarp over couches and other soft surfaces. Second, don’t be surprised to have some smell of epoxy – the material they use to glue the sheets together. It goes away in a day. It’s part of the install which makes me happy they use it. So far I’m very happy with the job.

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